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Page of 10 Good Things That Happened to Me Today....and Yesterday...

on a day in July These things made me smile and let me know that life was worth living ....

    1. I woke up
    2. A chipmunk ran across the road in front of my car and actually made it to the other side of the road without being hit by anyone.
    3. I found all the things I needed at the grocery store on sale!
    4. The sun was shining and the warmth on my face felt so great!
    5. I drove my car with the windows down and felt the breeze blow my hair.
    6. My dog stepped on my foot only because she wanted to walk up the stairs right at my side, in step with me.
    7. My son shared his chocolate bar with his sister.
    8. I was reminded how wonderful “orange ice cream floats” taste on a hot summer day.
    9. I forgot to buy milk at the grocery store but managed to save $3.00 when I went out to get it at the drugstore later in the day.
    10. I saw the smile on my daughter’s friends face as he pulled up to track camp in his first ever car of his very own.  (I remember how wonderful it felt to have that independence of owning your very own car. Nobody really cares what it looks like, what colour it is, and all the little dents don’t matter...It’s yours and you have freedom!!)

    It's not always easy but if we dwell on the positive and find just a few simple things then maybe we can take a break from all the negative that surrounds us in the news and sometimes our daily lives....enjoy

water makes everything grow copyright Cathy Beharriell

On a July Day
1. I woke up
2. My coffee filter overflowed and the bottom of my cup was filled with grounds but I was able to spit them out before I swallowed any!!
3. My blueberries on my cereal were big, juicy and oh, so sweet!
4. I opened the windows and let the breeze blow through the house along with peace, quiet and only the sounds of the birds singing. What a wonderful summer day and it’s still before noon!
5. It’s amazing what little memories children bring back into our lives in the summer. My son reminded me that ice cream is ok to eat after lunch and is not just a desert food. Today I managed to re-establish my love for Vanilla ice cream.
6. I got an email from my aunt that made me laugh so I passed it on to a neighbour and made her smile too!
7. The bunny in our backyard ate the tops off my beans .....and the good news is he didn’t eat all of them.  I guess I have to look at the fact that I have attracted cute critters other than birds to my yard which will provide a  wonderful nature photo session.
8. Hugs from my husband of 19 years are still a wonderful feeling!!!
9. I watched a race where the leader encouraged one of his best buddies, who ran right behind him, through to the finish just so he could pb(personal best) in the race.  
10. I watched a group of teenage running teammates gathered in centre field at a track meet. They were laughing and supporting each other and it reminded me that the world really can be a good place.


On a Day in July
1.  I woke up
2.  The little boy across the road opened the door in his pyjamas this morning and yelled “Hi” to both of my kids and myself one at at a time, we were getting in the car and it was only  8:10am. He made me smile.
3. Today was garbage day and we watched a little bird find enjoyment in playing with a piece of Kleenex. He was flinging it and then running underneath it. 
4. My dog laying softly snoring on my feet as I type this gives me such a warm loved feeling!
5. We are tearing apart our old deck to build a new one and while watering my garden this morning I looked over on the woodpile to find I was being watched by a small chipmunk.  I haven’t seen many of those in our neighbourhood. I guess the saying “If you build it they will come” does ring true!
6. I saw a little girl with a look of faith and adoration in her eyes as she looked up to her Dad while they were riding their bikes side by side downtown.
7. Later in the afternoon I discovered not one chipmunk but now there are two! It’s nice to know they are not lonely!
8. I now have a beautiful photograph of my newest neighbour, the chipmunk, that my kids named John Bon Jovi.  The other one is Eddie Van Halen.  I’m really not sure which one I have a photo of so I’ll have to try to get them both later today and we’ll go from there.
9. My son and I went to three different stores just to find drinking straws and when we finally found some, my son also found the Mustang shirt he’d been looking for....score!!! He was so happy so it was well worth all the driving!
10. I love it when you go shopping and you can’t find exactly what you are looking for but end up finding something even better, and more suited for the occasion you are looking for.  That’s exactly what happened when I went out with my daughter tonight!  Love it when that happens!

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