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BY FOLLOWING THE PURCHASE LINK ABOVE OR HERE YOU CAN SEE MY WHOLE PORTFOLIO BY GALLERY. Here you will find a few but the quality is not as good as a final print due to the fact that people tend to steal things off the internet and use them without permission, so unfortunately this is how I have to present them. All my work is copyrighted and it is not to be used, manipulated or downloaded without written permission. If you were to order my book you would have a good selection of images. I plan on doing another one that is larger and has more photos. I takes quite some time but the link will be here when it is done. I hope you enjoy what you see and once again feel free to contact me with any questions.


If I Fall Copyright photo of Cathy Beharriell - do not copy or reproduce,manipulate or otherwise-legal action will be taken on those who do!
If I Fall- Concept Artwork (Purchase)
This particular piece was done at a time when I felt no one was paying attention. Do you ever have those days where you feel invisible and wonder if anyone would notice if you just disappeared, thus the artwork name and concept. We all have turmoil in our lives and sometimes every day situations can compound that turmoil and create other such situations or feelings. It was this idea that helped to spur on the notion of my first inspirational book of things that should or could be said to help someone going through a difficult time.

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If I Fall – Book Description (Purchase/Preview)
This book "If I Fall" is a compilation of my artwork and photography put together in a motivational approach to help someone struggling with obstacles in their lives. It is geared towards teens and young adults, although others will also benefit from the sentiments inside, especially when your self-worth takes a blow. My life experiences with loss have given me an insight to how one feels and what you can overcome to live your life every day. I lost my mother at the age of 13, my only brother committed suicide a few days before his 31st birthday, and my father died of cancer a couple of years ago. I have once again found my artwork that had been missing from my life for a number of years, and it has helped me to cope and heal while expressing my feelings. Everyone needs an outlet and a little support goes a long way. If you don't have the words to say to someone or you want to remind them of the importance of their lives, then I would recommend this book. I am sharing what I have learned with you in hopes of inspiring someone else. The book is a gentle reminder of the importance of life, and a chance to pause to take it all in.

Please Come Back copyright image by Cathy Beharriell-may not be used or manipulated in an way or legal action will be taken!
Please Come Back - Concept Artwork (Purchase)
This particular piece embraces the concept of growing up. It is very hard to watch someone go and not be able to go with them. It tugs at the heart strings in a way that any parent can understand. Sometimes we must stand idly by and watch those we love go in different directions into the unknown and to grow and experience things on their own.

Cold Fog copyright picture by Cathy Beharriell may not be used or manipulated in any way or legal action will be taken!
Cold Fog - Photography (Purchase)
Intense fog has the ability to change the landscape and gives it a whole new perspective, thus causing the viewer to wonder what is lurking ahead. A wonderful piece in black and white.

Free Spirits copyright image of Cathy Beharriell may not be used or manipulated in any way or legal action will be taken!
Free Spirits - Photography (Purchase)
What can really be said about these beautiful majestic beasts. If only we could be so free and bold.

Autumn Reflections copyright image by Cathy Beharriell-this image may not be used or manipulated in any way or legal action will be taken!
There is nothing more beautiful than snow in autmn. The beautiful colours contrast wonderfully against all the white and the reflection in water sets off the whole scene of nature's beauty.

Just Throw The Stick  copyright image Cathy Beharriell may not be used for any purpose
Just Throw The Stick (Digital Painting) - (Purchase)

Lost In A Moment copyright Image Cathy Beharriell may not be used/manipulated for any other purpose or penalties will apply
Lost In A Moment (purchase)

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I do not use any stock photography in my images. I feel that to do this my artwork would not be my own. That said, I do not hold it against people who do, it is just my personal preference and my conscience that will not allow me to do so! I have sold prints in the United States, Canada and the UK.

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